Jaya Ganesha

Ganesha clears the way and pushes obstacles out of the way. With wisdom and strength, Ganesha supports you in your own personal development and in accepting life in all its aspects. You have found our popular Ganesha designs on our yoga shirts since YogiCompany started in 2015 and the yogis are always happy about new colors and variants. When you put on your Ganesha shirt, connect with the wisdom and energy of Ganesha - so that you feel well carried by Ganesha through your everyday life.


September 19th, 2023 is Ganesha's birthday and the Ganesha Chaturthy Festival is celebrated in India & we're celebrating with us!!!
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Ganesha's birthday

Hari Om dear YogiCompany community!
We are happy to celebrate the birthday of Ganesha, one of the most popular and revered Hindu deities. Ganesha, the lord of wisdom and the overcomer of obstacles, is a source of inspiration for millions of people around the world. And this year we would like to celebrate this special day with you! Ganesha Chaturthy, which falls on Tuesday, September 19, 2023 this year.

Ganesha is often worshiped as the god of new beginnings and the remover of obstacles. His iconic elephant head
symbolizes wisdom and intelligence ,
while his round belly represents abundance and happiness .
This inspiring deity teaches us,
to overcome obstacles ,
to gain wisdom
and to go through life with an open heart .

Ganesha's birthday is a time of inspiration and new beginnings. Take this opportunity to deepen your spiritual journey.

Our Ganesha T-shirt collection

In honor of Ganesha, we have designed an exclusive Ganesha T-shirt collection made from organic cotton. Our yoga t-shirts not only look good and are comfortable, but also carry the energy and wisdom of Ganesha. Each design is created with prana and love.

Wearing t-shirts with Ganesha design is a wonderful way to feel the presence of Ganesha in your life and support your spiritual journey. Here are some reasons why you will love our Ganesha t-shirts:

1. Spiritual Connection: These t-shirts help you create a deeper connection to Ganesha and your own yoga path.

2. Inspiration for Overcoming Obstacles: Wear your new Ganesha T-shirt to remind yourself that you can overcome any obstacles that stand in your way with Ganesha's energy.

3. Fashion and comfort: Our favorite yoga t-shirts are not only sustainably produced, but also look good and are comfortable. You can wear them during your yoga practice or simply in everyday life.

4. Unique Ganesha Designs: Each t-shirt is designed with love and prana to creatively represent the beauty and wisdom of Ganesha.

Ganesha's wisdom

  1. Ganesha, the god of wisdom , teaches us that knowledge and education are powerful tools. A story tells of a poor boy who worshiped Ganesha and eagerly pursued education. Thanks to his knowledge, he overcame poverty and led a successful life.
  2. Ganesha shows us that patience is a virtue. In one story, he helped a patient farmer who was working hard and waiting for a bountiful harvest. The reward for his patience was an abundance of fruit and grain.
  3. Ganesha, the overcomer of obstacles , teaches us that through determination and willpower we can overcome any obstacle. In one story, he helped a prince defeat a dangerous monster and save the kingdom.
  4. Ganesha is known for his compassion . He once helped an injured bird by healing it and helping it fly again. This story reminds us to show compassion for all living beings.
  5. Ganesha shows us the importance of letting go of things that no longer serve us. In one story, he helped a fisherman who was clinging to his old, broken nets. After he let her go, he caught a rich catch.
  6. Ganesha teaches us that determination is the key to success. In one story, he helped a young artist who stuck to his dream despite all obstacles and eventually became famous.
  7. Ganesha is also a symbol of creativity . In one story, he inspired a poet who was at a loss for words and helped him write beautiful poems.
  8. Ganesha reminds us to be grateful . A story tells of a rich merchant who got into trouble and asked Ganesha for help. After he was saved, he showed his gratitude by helping the poor.
  9. Ganesha symbolizes wisdom and intelligence . In one story, he helped a king make a difficult decision by giving him wise advice.
  10. Ganesha teaches us to be generous . In one story, he shared his food with a starving beggar and later turned stones into gold to help the poor.
  11. Ganesha encourages us to believe in ourselves . In one story, he helped a shy girl gain confidence and achieve her dreams.
  12. Ganesha also symbolizes the unity of everything . In one story, he brought two feuding brothers back together and showed that peace and unity are more important than strife.